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After working 5 ½ years for a popular corporation in the supplement industry and another 1 ½ for a franchise store, I had seen a lot within the normal business model that I thought should be different.  There were three things in particular that I wanted to change when I opened Innovative Nutrition.

1) Pricing.  The normal is to have high markups and inflate prices, then give big discounts to fool the customer into thinking that he/she got a good deal.  I thought, “People are smarter than that.”  I decided to have a low mark up and be consistent all the time.  This would prevent me from having the ability to offer huge discounts, but a good everyday price would be appreciated by the consumer. 

2)  Eliminate high pressure sales.  As a consumer, I hated going into a business with a product in mind and being pressured to buy two or three other things.  I wanted to be able to give information and offer suggestions, but allow the customer to choose what he/she wanted.  Also, with no commissions, I remove the pressure from my employees to sell extra items for their income instead of considering what is in the best interest of the customer. 

3) Product information.  Even with 22 years of experience in the industry, my biology degrees, nutrition certifications, and my background in chemistry, I feel like there is always a lot to learn.  I read through scientific journal articles, abstracts, and reviews of clinical trials to learn not only what each ingredient does, but how it works.  By understanding how each thing works, I can have a good idea of what it will work well with, under what circumstances it will work best, what it will interact with, and what it will compete with.  This information will allow me to better help my customers.  I also share much of this information with my employees and discuss the potentials for each product.  I don’t want my customers given a sales pitch, but actual information (even if it is not what they are hoping to hear) so they can get the most from the supplements that they take. 

So, fair, honest pricing, lack of sales pressure, and knowledge to help you get the most from each product set us apart at Innovative Nutrition.

J.J. Rinne


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I began working at Innovative Nutrition in 2014. I have battled with my weight since childhood. The owner JJ has supported me in my weight loss battle going from 335 lb. down to 215 lb., at the same time maintaining muscle mass. Over my years of employment at Innovative Nutrition I have enjoyed learning and applying both Biblical and Nutritional knowledge. I have since learned ways to adjust recipes for a more nutritionally balanced products and am happy to share cooking and recipe advice. I am also a West Texas A&M Graduate and Commercial Arts Professional specializing in label and logo design in the nutritional and consumables market. I teach Urban Gardening as the owner of Angel Corners Garden and offer classes and advice on food preservation such as baking, canning and fermenting.


I opened my first Innovative Nutrition store in 2005 as a place that would honor my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, in all of my life and business practices.  I wanted a place in which we were free to help people and be completely honest with people.  Honesty is often a hard sale, especially when other stores, the internet, and advertisements promise products that will be the solution to meet your goals without discussion of what is really going on with your health, lifestyle, or diet.  The illusion can be more appealing than the reality.  However, many people want sustainable results and to know how to achieve those results and how to make adjustments.  I’ve enjoyed teaching people for the last 22 years and helping them in their journeys for health and fitness


I’ve worked at Innovative Nutrition since fall of 2019. I enjoy working here, not only because of the positive atmosphere, but because of all the knowledge I gain during each of my shifts. I suffer from Chronic Hereditary Pancreatitis, which is an incredibly painful disease that causes irreversible damage to my body, so working out and eating right is essential for my health and wellness. Since starting, I’ve been able to manage my condition while gaining around 10 pounds of muscle. The best part is, I get to share my knowledge of health and fitness with customers to help them reach their goals!


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